Critique of Pure Statistics: Statistics in Life Sciences


Gerd Bachmanns and Franz Hadaceks new book aims to help biologists and other system analysts struggling with big-data statistics.

The approach of the authors, having instructed students and consulted colleagues for two decades, is not to explain statistics anew. Rather, they aim to provide

  • a praxis oriented method to stepwise apply statistics according to research questions asked
  • a guideline for efficient data evaluation
  • a guideline for decisions to make in the process - especially in dimensional reduction (ordination).

A flexible general approach for efficient data mining, quantifying, visualising and pre-modelling based on a sound strategy, learned by experience shall be presented.

Also, a critical consideration of social phenomena and traditions in statistics application and a listing of methods and tests that are felt to be missing is attempted.

As the author’s background is ecological, many examples will be from systems ecology and biochemistry.

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