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"E-S-CHATOLOGIST - The Alchemie of my Zero Waste Lifestyle" was presented at our Reseach Greenhouse on 23th of January 2018

Manuela Leonardelli successfully defended her PhD thesis on novel chloroplast proteins.

MoSys team member Ella Nukarinen performed experiments on Arabidopsis roots during the 67th ESA Parabolic Flight Campaign in Bordeaux, France. During...

Topic: Shoot Control of Sulfate Allocation to the Root Nodules.


Gerd Bachmanns and Franz Hadaceks new book aims to help biologists and other system analysts struggling with big-data statistics.

An international consortium with participation of MOSYS team members Palak Chaturvedi, Arindam Ghatak and Wolfram Weckwerth has published the genome...

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