These plant facilities are paramount for plant and animal breeding for scientific research under controlled conditions as well as for teaching purposes (practical classes in plant anatomy and physiology).

  • The facilities consist of 2 greenhouses and open range areas.
  • The greenhouses are divided into several climatic zones ranging from cool to tropic conditions.
  • Drought experiments under free air conditions can be performed under a moving roof.
  • All in all about 250 m2 protected greenhouse area are available.
  • Theses facilities are open for all interested scientists.

Right now, we are supporting more than 25 scientific research and supply plant material for  educational projects from many departments - we provide professional plant care by our experienced gardeners Andreas Schröfl, Miroslav Crep, Thomas Joch, Erich Wagner. and physiological measurements by the scientific staff (below). Our Master gardener Thomas Joch takes care of the training of apprentices and also teaches in master courses for professional gardening.
We train up to four apprentices on a regular basis - girls and boys are welcome!
Have a look at the database of currently hosted projects since 2010.

f you are interested in conducting an experiment please and for further information please contact Gert Bachmann

We also provide guided tours for schools and other interested groups.

Information about the cultivated plant species can be found in our online database….