Film Premiere in the Reseach Greenhouse of Vienna University


"E-S-CHATOLOGIST - The Alchemie of my Zero Waste Lifestyle" was presented at our Reseach Greenhouse on 23th of January 2018

Architecture Masters students from Studio Roche at the Academy of Fine Arts were presenting e-S-cHatologist, a film following the lifestyle of a zero-waste blogger as she explains her daily routine of recycling, biochemistry and symbiotic relationship with machines. The film was robot produced over 10 days in December utilising a 6-axis robot with an emphasis on using Arduino sensors to translate human bodily reactions into data for the robot to receive. The film, in the style of a pseudo-documentary, is following a fictional blogger who promotes her own zero waste lifestyle. On her blog she writes about the benefits of reducing waste whilst selling her own home-made recycled products that can be used in gardening and food production. The documentary film is a first ever inside look at how she makes her Eden Park, a shocking reality for the viewers, fans & customers.

As part of the premiere in the fitting ambiente of the biological research Greenhouse of Vienna University, the students were hosting an eschatologist dinner that showcased a range of student projects exploring human symbiotic relations with machines and their generations of architecture whilst also touching on topics of research that have fuelled the narratives behind the film and each project.