New Publication in Frontiers in Plant Science: Heat-induced proteomic changes in Rice anthers


The recent research was published by Palak Chaturvedi, Arindam Ghatak and Wolfram Weckwerth in collaboration with the University of Delhi, South Campus, India. It highlights the molecular complexity of the heat stress on anther tissues from three different rice varieties using the proteomics approach. In this analysis, we identified several genotype-specific protein alterations in rice anthers of Moroberekan (Japonica, heat sensitive), IR64 (Indica, moderately heat tolerant), and Nagina22 (Aus, heat tolerant) in the short-term (ST_HS; one cycle of 42°C, 4 hours before anthesis) and long-term (LT_HS; 6 cycles of 38°C, 6 hours before anthesis) heat stress.  We identified that the major processes critical for N22 tolerance include the repair of unfolded proteins, Vitamin E biosynthesis, and trehalose accumulation processes which help N22 maintain reproduction better than Moroberekan and IR64 under heat stress conditions.

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