Publication in “The Plant Journal” explains grain filling process in wheat


The recent research published by Shuang Zhang, Palak Chaturvedi and Wolfram Weckwerth highlights the astonishing molecular complexity of the grain filling process using the multiomics approach.

In this analysis, we have integrated the proteome and metabolome at four sequential developmental stages of the grain, i.e., 12, 15, 20, and 26 DAA, in the seed coat, embryo, endosperm, and cavity fluid.

Significant quantitative changes of protein abundance and, based on the appearance of unique proteins in the compartments, spatially defined proteome changes in the seed tissues during the four stages of grain development.

The temporal and spatial dynamics of the proteome were accompanied by significant changes in the metabolome.

Read the full paper here:

Read Research highlight Published by the Senior Editor Federica Brandizzi of The Plant Journal, where she highlights our research briefly explaining the importance of the multiomics approach in deciphering grain filling process.: