Young Investigator Award to Arindam Ghatak


Congratulations, Arindam!

Arindam Ghatak receives Young Investigator Awards 2023 #YIA2023 from University of Vienna, Austria.


The Young Investigator Award ( is an initiative of the Faculty of Life Sciences designed to honour young postdoctoral scientists publishing in the top journals of their field. Award recipients are selected based on their high-quality publication output.

Arindam Ghatak has a keen interest in understanding the below-ground mitigation, especially at the root-soil interface (molecular profiling of root exudates) and Biological Nitrification Inhibition (BNI) in crop plants subjected to abiotic stresses, including drought, heat and cold. The primary focus is to mitigate the nitrogen cycle in the rhizosphere, which is influenced by an intimate soil microbiome–root exudate interaction and BNI. The PANOMICS approach can dissect these processes, which is of major interest to him.