Ethics in Science and Society: Zwettl seminar


Transdisciplinary discussions between academics and students reveal ethical implications in current research topics.

"Are we allowed to do all that is possible?" was the main question posed during this semesters ethical seminar in Zwettl. Talks and discussions covered the topics

  • Animal cognition and ethics
  • Genome analysis and CRISPR editing
  • In vitro fertilization
  • Relation of attitude and well being
  • Science and technology: values ​​and evaluations


Our next bio-ethical seminar will be held during winter term 2017.
More information can be found at the seminar web site.

"One of very few courses where students are invited to critically question statements made by authorities."

Ferdinand, Student Biology & Ecology

"I like how teachers and students meet as equals here. The discussion does not end at the doorstep, but continues in people's minds. It is a lesson for life."

Katharina, Student Zoology und Astronomy

I used to study "blindly", only thinking of the next exam on hand. This seminar opened my eyes to what science really is.

Bernhard, Student Zoology

DNA Lab. (source: University of Michigan School of Natural Resources & Environment on Wikimedia Commons)