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The Power of LC-MS Based Multiomics: Exploring Adipogenic Differentiation of Human Mesenchymal Stem/Stromal Cells. / Rampler, Evelyn (Corresponding author); Egger, Dominik; Schoeny, Harald; Rusz, Mate; Pacheco, Maria Pires; Marino, Giada; Kasper, Cornelia; Naegele, Thomas; Koellensperger, Gunda.

In: Molecules, Vol. 24, No. 19, 3615, 10.2019.

Publication: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

Exploring fat differentiation of mesenychmal stem cells by multiomics and mathematical modeling. / Rampler, Evelyn; Egger, Dominik; Schöny, Harald; Rusz, Mate; Pacheco, Maria Pires; Marino, Giada; Kasper, Cornelia; Nägele, Thomas; Köllensperger, Gunda.

2019. Poster session presented at APMRS 2019, Salzburg, Austria.

Publication: Contribution to conferencePoster

Coordination Complex Formation and Redox Properties of Kynurenic and Xanthurenic Acid Can Affect Brain Tissue Homeodynamics. / Bachmann, Gert; Chobot, Vladimir; Kubicova, Lenka; Weckwerth, Wolfram; Hadacek, Franz.

In: Antioxidants, Vol. 8 (10), No. 476, 13.09.2019.

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Subcellular dynamics of proteins and metabolites under abiotic stress reveal deferred response of the Arabidopsis thaliana hexokinase-1 mutant gin2-1 to high light. / Kuestner, Lisa; Fuertauer, Lisa; Weckwerth, Wolfram; Naegele, Thomas; Heyer, Arnd G. (Corresponding author).

In: The Plant Journal, Vol. 100, No. 3, 06.08.2019, p. 456-472.

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Phellem Cell-Wall Components Are Discriminants of Cork Quality in Quercus suber. / Pinheiro, Carla; Wienkoop, Stefanie; de Almeida, João Feio; Brunetti, Cecilia; Zarrouk, Olfa; Planchon, Sébastien; Gori, Antonella; Tattini, Massimiliano; Ricardo, Cândido Pinto; Renaut, Jenny; Teixeira, Rita Teresa.

In: Frontiers in Plant Science, Vol. 10, 944, 30.07.2019.

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The High Light Response in Arabidopsis Requires the Calcium Sensor Protein CAS, a Target of STN7-and STN8-Mediated Phosphorylation. / Cutolo, Edoardo; Parvin, Nargis; Ruge, Henning; Pirayesh, Niloufar; Roustan, Valentin; Weckwerth, Wolfram; Teige, Markus; Grieco, Michele; Larosa, Veronique; Vothknecht, Ute C. (Corresponding author).

In: Frontiers in Plant Science, Vol. 10, 974, 30.07.2019.

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ESCRTing in cereals: still a long way to go. / Ibl, Verena.

In: Science China Life Sciences, Vol. 62, No. 9, 19.07.2019, p. 1144-1152.

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Russell-like bodies in plant seeds share common features with prolamin bodies and occur upon recombinant protein production. / Arcalis, Elsa; Ibl, Verena; Hilscher, Julia; Rademacher, Thomas; Avesani, Linda; Morandini, Francesca; Bortesi, Luisa; Pezzotti, Mario; Vitale, Alessandro; Pum, Dietmar; De Meyer, Thomas; Depicker, Ann; Stoger, Eva (Corresponding author).

In: Frontiers in Plant Science, Vol. 10, 777, 31.05.2019.

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Are lingering proteins involved in stress imprint after rehydration of drought-stressed sugar beet? / Wimmer, Monika; Wienkoop, Stefanie; Schneider, Sebastian; Turetschek, Reinhard; Wedeking, Rita.

2019. Poster session presented at Keystone Symposium, Climate Change-Linked Stress Tolerance in Plants, Hannover, Germany.

Publication: Contribution to conferencePoster

Proteomic and Metabolomic Profiling of Deinococcus radiodurans Recovering After Exposure to Simulated Low Earth Orbit Vacuum Conditions. / Ott, Emanuel; Kawaguchi, Yuko; Özgen, Natalie; Yamagishi, Akihiko; Rabbow, Elke; Rettberg, Petra; Weckwerth, Wolfram; Milojevic, Tetyana (Corresponding author).

In: Frontiers in Microbiology, Vol. 10, 909, 29.04.2019.

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Molecular Mechanisms of Tungsten Toxicity Differ for Glycine max Depending on Nitrogen Regime. / Preiner, Julian; Wienkoop, Stefanie (Corresponding author); Weckwerth, Wolfram; Oburger, Eva.

In: Frontiers in Plant Science, Vol. 10, 367, 02.04.2019.

Publication: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

Cytoskeleton members, MVBs and the ESCRT-III HvSNF7s are putative key players for protein sorting into protein bodies during barley endosperm development. / Roustan, Valentin; Hilscher, Julia; Weidinger, Marieluise; Reipert, Siegfried; Shabrangy, Azita; Gebert, Claudia; Dietrich, Bianca; Dermendjiev, Georgi-Atanasov; Roustan, Pierre-Jean; Stoger, Eva; Ibl, Verena.

In: bioRxiv, 01.04.2019.

Publication: Contribution to journalReview

A Protein-Linger Strategy Keeps the Plant On-Hold After Rehydration of Drought-Stressed Beta vulgaris. / Schneider, Sebastian; Turetschek, Reinhard; Wedeking, Rita; Wimmer, Monika A; Wienkoop, Stefanie (Corresponding author).

In: Frontiers in Plant Science, Vol. 10, 381, 29.03.2019.

Publication: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

Chloroplasts Use Calcium Signals to Call for Help under Heat Stress. / Teige, M. (Corresponding author).

In: Plant and Cell Physiology, Vol. 60, No. 3, 22.02.2019, p. 492-493.

Publication: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

Qi Gong : Die Waschmaschine für Geist und Körper. / Bachmann, Gert.

1 ed. Wien : Amazon, 2019. 113 p.

Publication: Book

Didymella pinodes Affects N and P Uptakes and Their Efficiencies in a Tripartite Mutualism of Pea. / Desalegn, Getinet (Corresponding author); Turetschek, Reinhard; Wienkoop, Stefanie; Kaul, Hans-Peter.

In: agronomy, Vol. 9, No. 52, 26.01.2019.

Publication: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

Deciphering key proteins of oil palm (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.) fruit mesocarp development by proteomics and chemometrics. / Hassan, Hasliza (Corresponding author); Amiruddin, Mohd Din; Weckwerth, Wolfram; Ramli, Umi Salamah.

In: Electrophoresis, Vol. 40, No. 2, 17.01.2019, p. 254-265.

Publication: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

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