Plant Physiology -
Gert Bachmann group

Room: 3.047
Djerassiplatz 1
1030 Vienna, Austria

Research Focus

This group tackels the physiological aspects (physiolome) within the Division of Molecular Systems Biology in a very modern way. This embraces help in conduction of experiments like installing measurement equipment (e.g. soil moisture, statistics, ….).

Measurements concerning the so called “SPAC” [Soil-Plant-Atmosphere-Continuum] including “SRI” [Soil Root Interface] SPAC is the pathway for water moving from soil through plants to the atmosphere. This comprises soil physics, physiology of plants (animals), ion uptake and microclimatolog as well as electrochemistry (Voltammetry) of root exudates and plant extracts.

Teaching several practical classes concerning plant physiology, plant anatomy, plant mineral nutrients, rhizosphere, statistics and soil agenda respectively.