Projekt Praktikum: Proteomics in Systems Biology

Dieses Projektpraktikum findet im Sommersemester statt, Unterrichtssprache ist Englisch
This course is held during summer term, language is English

Aims, contents and method of the course

The terms “proteome” and “metabolome” (entirety of all active proteins and metabolites in a cell or tissue) was coined 10 years ago in analogy to the “genome” (entirety of all genes). The proteome comprises the full suite of all proteins/enzymes in a cell or a tissue. Because of the diversity and dynamic of the proteome sophisticated bioanalytical methods, especially mass spectrometry, are needed. In the frame of the project the student should learn basics of the technology proteomics and a special mass spectrometric technique for the analysis of proteins (shotgun proteomics for identification and quantification). At the same time the course will impart knowledge about mass spectrometrie in modern biology.

  • Protein extraction, -digestion and -separation (HPLC and SDS-PAGE)
  • Mass Spectrometry for protein ID and quantification
  • Data mining


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