In Metabolomics we measure the levels of thousands of molecules simultaneously – which allows a much better understanding of metabolism.

We integrate system-theoretical ideas with genome-scale molecular analysis using genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics and metabolomics to understand and predict the genotype- environment-phenotype-relationship (GxExP). We investigate plant, microbial, animal and human systems.

The quality of state-of-the-art metabolomics technology depends on the quality of the preparation workflows, the quality of metabolite libraries and workflows for structural elucidation of novel structures. An interdisciplinary approach is necessary to tackle this problem.

Internationally recognized labs at the University of Vienna distributed over three faculties for Chemistry, Geosciences and Life Sciences consolidate their specific and complementary metabolomics platforms and application fields to build a Vienna Metabolomics Center.


Heartfelt congratulations to Dr. Jakob Weiszmann for his recent PhD defense the topic "Effects of low temperature on photosynthesis and primary...


The International Plant Proteomics Organization (INPPO) is hosting their virtual conference from March 9 to 11, 2021. Registration is now open on...


Ghatak, Weckwerth et al. published a comparative physiological and molecular view on wheat and pearl millet under drought stress, explaining how pearl...


Stefanie Wienkoops new FWF project wants to unravel the role of Ferritin in nodule formation, symbiosis functioning and priming of drought tolerance.


Verena Ibls new FWF project aims to produce stress resistant barley cultivars and to help to establish barley as future food grain.


Madeleine will defend her thesis „Effects of heat on the endomembrane system in developing barley endosperm." on Friday, 25.9.2020 at 10:00.