In Metabolomics we measure the levels of thousands of molecules simultaneously – which allows a much better understanding of metabolism.

Wir integrieren systemtheoretische Ideen mit molekularen Analysen auf Genomebene unter Verwendung von Genomik, Transkriptomik, Proteomik und Metabolomik, um die Genotyp-Umwelt-Phänotyp-Beziehung (GxExP) zu verstehen und vorherzusagen. Wir untersuchen pflanzliche, mikrobielle, tierische und menschliche Systeme.

The quality of state-of-the-art metabolomics technology depends on the quality of the preparation workflows, the quality of metabolite libraries and workflows for structural elucidation of novel structures. An interdisciplinary approach is necessary to tackle this problem.

Internationally recognized labs at the University of Vienna distributed over three faculties for Chemistry, Geosciences and Life Sciences consolidate their specific and complementary metabolomics platforms and application fields to build a Vienna Metabolomics Center.


Early and accurate Alzheimer diagnostics allow patients to delay the deseases' effects and preserve daily functioning for some time.


Researching the effects of ageing and lifestyle activities at cellular and molecular levels


How do microbes in cosmic dust adapt to outer space conditions?